Monday Problem: I work with disrespectful parents (open to comments and advice)


Hi Nanny X

I've been working for my current family for about a year now. I'm paid well  
and have steady hours, I love the kid to pieces. Those are the only  
positive aspects I have to offer. Big aspects, yes, but sometimes all the  
negative make me wonder if I should move on.

To begin with, my authority is constantly undermined. I say no or try to  
take the pacifier away, only to find out later they did the complete  
opposite. It's backtracking any and all progress I make with the kid.

I have a clean driving record yet they don't trust me to take their kid  
anywhere alone. I mean, why hire me if you can't fully trust me. (I have  
nannied in the past and have never encountered this problem) yes it's their  
first kid, I understand the anxiety they must have but maybe they shouldn't  
of hired a nanny if they wanted to micromanage.

The father works from home and constantly micromanages every little thing.  
All. Day. Long.

Not to mention he constantly belittled me for being uneducated (I plan on  
going back to college, I just haven't decided what for) quote 'having it so  
good', etc

Today was the last straw. I said I couldn't work late and I frequently cave  
in and say yes to last minute plans for them. He snapped and said 'what  
could you possibly have to do? Always giving me crap answers'. Wow. So my  
question is, am I being overly sensitive? Is this employee abuse? I'm sick  
of being undermined for the sole fact that I'm not wealthy or a college  
graduate. They don't see me as an equal.

How do I get out if this sticky mess Nanny X?

Thank you for your time

Hey there!

Happy Holidays.
Nanny X is traveling so we are opening this problem up to any nannies or parents out there who want to help.