Monday Problem: My nanny smells of cigarettes


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Dear Nanny X,

my ‘nanny beef’ is awkward. My nanny is a sweet, energetic, kind lady and my kids adore her. She is clean in her appearance and totally on top of her game. My problem is that she obviously just has a cigarette before coming to work and I can smell it on her. She does not smoke while at work so I feel kind of weird even bringing it up but my guess is she must chain-smoke off the job to smell that strongly. It’s kind of gross to me and I don’t want my kids getting used to it. Should I say something?

Healthy Mom

Hi Healthy Mom,

I think you can bring it up. She probably has no idea she carries the smoke smell into your home.  And one cigarette can make anyone smell like they just smoked an entire pack. So, ask to speak to her privately and say something like:

“Hey ….. would you mind using gum or perfume after you smoke a cigarette? I have no issue with you smoking before coming to work or smoking generally but I can still smell it on you when you enter my home and I would rather I didn’t. I hope you understand? Thank you.”

Smokers get this kind of stuff from time to time and it’s not something they can justify especially if using mouthwash or some kind of spray will remove the odor. 
Nanny X