A Nanny Contract: your best defense against job creep

By Nanny X
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It’s 2014 and you’re looking for new prospects. Perhaps you have noticed that your once-wonderful job is naturally shrinking: the youngest is all set for full-time school come September. Or maybe your wages and opportunities have remained static since the credit crunch. Like most people nannies are always looking for positions that maximize their experience, skill-sets and remuneration.Often however, nannies follow the school seasons or a family’s lead when it comes to sourcing new jobs. For example, over the summer, nannies will have more time to contemplate how much mileage a current position holds, especially if she has been required substantially less than in previous summers.

When interviewing nannies prefer jobs that are clearly defined in terms of duties and pay structure ; jobs that have a specific time-span. More often than not, despite an initially warm and positive reception, many nannies later encounter misunderstandings or unrealistic expectations with regard to duties or services, and others experience mixed messaging or passive aggressive behavior from employers. Such things inevitably lead to bigger and unresolvable problems later on if communication is not initiated.
But nannies needn’t enter into new positions blind-sighted or on faith. Verbal agreements alone do not suffice when organizing new jobs, because directives can sometimes be highly subjective. Over time a family’s needs might change and without a clear outline of what is expected, the onus will be placed on the nanny to conform or adjust, and sometimes without much notice.
To prevent potential confusions in the workplace there is no better tool than to lead with a standard employment contract.
For this reason I have created a comprehensive employment contract, an agreement that will cover almost every issue that rarely gets covered in the interview. This agreement will protect both parties from unprofessional treatment.
Thank you
As a way of saying thank you to my audience (since 2009) I gift this contract to you and any nannies you might know. I hope it gives you the full security you deserve in the workplace. Let me know if there is anything I haven’t covered!

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