Monday Problem: I’m concerned about the Father’s behavior


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Dear Nanny X,

I deal with many kids who literally fear their father due to his parenting style. Knowing I’m just the nanny I know I can’t overstep his authority, but I fear that his authoritative style will scar the children and come out later in their lives to tragically affect the kid’s relationship with their father.
Dear Anon,
I sympathize with you. Many of us – as nannies – come across behavior in parents that is questionable. The point is, that unless a definitive line is crossed – actual witnessed physical violence or witnessed habitual verbal and psychological abuse – our hands are tied as our society grants parents absolute power of authority to administer the form of care they deem fit. 
Keep an eye on things though .. while we are caregivers in the background – we do have a responsibility to be the eyes of the State. If you think an employer has crossed a line you have every right to disclose that abuse. 
Nanny X