Monday Problem: I just got asked to work Memorial Day – SOS

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Dear Nanny X,
I just got a text from my boss asking me to come in on Monday because their help just canceled. They are having a big BBQ Up State and she wants to pay for me to come up and “help out” – read: “serve the food and clean up”. I’m mad … I planned to be with my husband and kids at a family BBQ. I haven’t replied yet, my husband told me to ignore her text but I don’t think that’s right. 
I know there’ll be attitude next week if I don’t show as “we’re a team” as she likes to put it, but I also don’t want to upset my own family. What should I do?
Dear Anon,
I think you already know what to do. 
But sometimes we just need to hear it. Listen to your husband. Text your employer back and tell her the truth … you already made plans to be with your family. Then let it go and have some precious down-time Monday. 
Seriously … it’s that easy.
Nanny X