Back to School = Back to Work, 5 tips for coping

By Nanny X

The summer has come and gone all too quickly – right? In a few days time nannies all over the US will be pulling on jackets and going back to work. But unlike most other professions, our schedules can change on a dime – and especially this time of the year … so here are 5 tips to help you get through the first day back:


  1. Get a good night’s sleep before Day #1. Dragging out the remnants of the 3-day weekend won’t make your first day back go any quicker. Show up bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready for the new routine and challenges.
  2. Wear something new – and even if it isn’t exactly new – wearing or carrying an item that was a recent purchase or gift makes you feel and look good.
  3. Be positive about any last-minute changes. Sometimes schedules change at the final stage and parents feel overwhelmed – give them the benefit of the doubt and roll with new ideas.
  4. Smile and show your little ones just how much you missed them. Returning to work after days or even weeks apart can present bonding hiccups but with a little tenderness and enthusiasm your charges will ease back into a familiar rhythm.
  5. Be open to long-term goals. While it’s good to stay positive and focused on the job at hand, stay vigilant for any signs that bigger changes are afoot. Update your resume and send it out to agencies, or reach out to recruiters. Remember that as a family grows a nanny’s job security can wane. It’s okay to keep one eye on that open road.
Hey and welcome … we’re all in this together 😉
Nanny X