Monday Problem: Overheard college nannies talking about their weekend

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Dear Nanny X,
I don’t know what to do about what happened yesterday. I was in a communal parent/caregiver space feeding my infant son lunch when two young college sitters came in with their kids. The kids were little like 12-months and the girls set them up in high-chairs pulled their snacks out and began to feed the kids. The entire time they were feeding the kids they were talking non-stop about their weekend. There was no eye contact with the children and barely a word spoken to them. They weren’t mean to the kids but the kids were definitely not being interacted with. The entire time the sitters were talking about the parties they’d attended, guys they’d hung out with, how drunk they’d gotten and even what they did with those guys. I’m not a prude but it was like a scene from GIRLS. Fortunately the kids were too small to understand the content but I was bothered. I gave them both a long cold stare and they got the point and stopped. But now I feel like I should try to find the parents and tell them that these girls are inappropriate caregivers. Should I?
Concerned parent. 
Dear Concerned Parent, 
I think you pretty much busted the girls and let them know that their topic of conversation was inappropriate. College kids can present immaturity like this so it’s important for parents to be aware of how their babysitters handle stress and day to day caregiving. If these girls were negligent towards the children or rude to you I think you would be right in following this encounter up with the families concerned. Also unless they were caring for the children over the weekend their exploits are their own affair. 
But setting youth aside – parents often talk to their girlfriends about all types of intimate stuff in front of their infants. It happens. Fortunately the children have no clue about the subject matter. So I would let this go. I’m sure the babysitters in question are more aware of what they talk about in public spaces from now on. 
Nanny X