The Nanny Time Bomb: Navigating the Crisis in Child Care

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“Contrary to what the term “baby-sitter” suggests – someone who just marks time with your child – this person (or these persons) will be like another parent during your child’s most important formative years… From your child’s point of view, choosing the right caregiver is a decision that is as important as picking your spouse.” Stanley I. Greenspan, M.D. (The Four-Thirds Solution)

Unfortunately for American working parents today, finding the right caregiver is a precarious endeavor. The childcare sector is a largely unregulated industry and many of its workers feel invisible, over-worked and under-paid. Why are American parents – and mothers in particular – left to navigate child care’s complex matrix of choices alone? What roles do race and class play in relation to pay, duties and social prestige for childcare workers? Why aren’t corporations doing more to support working parents? Has the federal government ever offered definitive and affordable childcare solutions for American workers before?

Most childcare books discuss one or two separate components of the nanny/parent experience, like, wages, duties, or the day-to-day pragmatic elements of a domestic working relationship. Other books have concentrated exclusively on the angst of working mothers or the dissatisfaction of low-paid domestic workers. The Nanny Time Bomb: Navigating the Crisis in Child Care is the first book to offer a definitive guide for all parents and industry specialists alike.

“I (author) spent a decade working as a Manhattan nanny, documenting and profiling nannies, their working conditions and the unregulated, disjointed sector that they operate within. Without any reservation I can state that this book is a must-read for anyone concerned with the health and rights of children. I wish you every success in finding the right nanny for your family.”


  • Contains explosive new information about the child care industry
  • Analyzes the roles that race, immigration, gender, class, and culture play in child care practice
  • Offers parents a definitive guide to making the best child care choices
  • Presents a realistic picture of the child care industry today based on 10 years of direct, on-the-job experience

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