About Jacalyn

JAKHEADSHOTJacalyn S. Burke is a British writer. She is also the founder of Baby Does NYC (.com), a website focused on events, products, and services for parents of 0–24 month-old children.

“TheNannyTimeBomb.blogspot.com” (her former blog) was ranked #1 by Google for years. During that time Jacalyn was one of the official bloggers for the hit series Beverley Hill Nannies. Archives can be found under “The Nanny X files”.

Jacalyn has been featured in The Daily News, NEWS12, I Saw Your Nanny, Best Nanny Newsletter, The New York Times and the Nanny News Network.

Jacalyn spent a decade working among Manhattan’s nannies from 2004-2015, and her debut non-fiction title The Nanny Time Bomb Navigating the Crisis in Child Care, is a definitive guide for new parents searching for child care. She is a graduate of Middlesex University, London, UK.

Jacalyn lives and works in NYC and offers a variety of professional services.