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JAK (Jacalyn S Burke) has created a unique style based upon her love for early 20th century US cartoon artists like Otto Mesmer, Max Fleischer and Ub Iwerks. Her art is derived through drafting illustrations using Indian ink and watercolor washes and then transformed via digital software programs. JAK’s whimsical style appeals to many client platforms as diverse as children’s picture books and brand logos.


JAK offers both commercial and non-commercial work. Please contact her directly on this site to find out more.

Art Bio

London-born illustrator Jacalyn S Burke – known as “JAK” in her art – has enjoyed a diverse career in the arts. Alan Weavis, a charismatic British illustrator discovered her doodling on a tablecloth. He encouraged JAK to take a course in cartooning and media at The Morris School of Journalism, followed by a Bachelor’s degree at Middlesex University. JAK worked in the U.K as a freelance contributor. Her credits include The Journal of Silly, DNA magazine, and Anchor Books, an imprint of Random House.

In 2002 JAK emigrated to the U.S to follow the Street Art scene in NYC. By 2004 she was awarded an 01 visa as an “alien of extraordinary ability” and in 2010 she successfully petitioned and was awarded a Green Card based upon her talents as an artist.

JAK has been featured in Next Magazine, The Hamptonian, The Clinton Chronicle, Metromix, AOL news, The Daily News, The New York Times, Talent in Motion Magazine, NEWS12, The Times Square Chronicle, Hi Fructose Magazine and Urban Art Magazine.

US Shows

  • The Cooper Brook Gallery, NYC (solo show) 2004
  • Picture That Gallery, CT (group show) 2005
  • Times Square Gallery, NYC (group show) 2006
  • Clinton Ryan Chelsea Center, NYC (group show) 2007
  • Tribeca Art Show, NYC (group show) 2009
  • Art in the Kitchen, NYC (group show) 2010
  • The Soho Gallery of Digital Art, NYC (solo) 2010
  • P.J.S Gallery, Greenwich Village, NYC (group show) 2010
  • Headquarters Gallery, Soho, NYC (group show) 2010
  • The NY Aquarium Gallery, Brooklyn (solo show) 2010
  • The Sketchbook Project Tour, USA (group show) 2011

From 2012-2015 JAK turned her attention to writing books: fiction and non-fiction, and in building up her company Baby Does NYC.

JAK is currently developing a new portfolio of “Pop Photoonism” – her signature style, which is a unique fusion of sampled Street Art, Pop Culture, Lyrics and Poetry, Vintage Photography and digital cartoon art. Her work is a satirical commentary on the life, politics and culture of Western Living.

JAK travels to Southwest France each year to visit a museum and cultural center dedicated to cartoon art, and to attend the Jonzac Cartoon Festival.

(bdangouleme.com; citebd.org)

Peer Reviews

“A very talented young woman … her illustrative art has a special flair that is a unique mix of her British background and her American experiences. She will add to the growth of illustration in this country.”
Terry Brown, (former) Director, Society of Illustrators.
“Her work is witty and elegant, evoking early US cartoon studio art, and her draftsmanship is of an extraordinarily high quality.”
Allan Neuwirth, Cartoon Network

“JAK is a female illustrator who makes a valuable contribution to the US cartoon market, which is traditionally male dominated. She is one of today’s top talents.”
Lawrence Klein, Director, Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art

“JAK’s cartoons and characters ‘jump off the page’. She stands out from other artists with her fresh and appealing style.”
Jessica Dunne, Executive VP Merchandise & Development, Disney

“A breath of fresh air.”
Ham Khan, Editor ‘The Journal of Silly’ UK

“JAK is a uniquely talented artist. She is proficiently creative yet balanced by strong critical thinking and a pragmatic approach to her work. Furthermore, JAK’s engaging style and enthusiasm make working with her a pleasure.”
Debra Marchese, RPh DWS, Owner at WINERIUM LLC

“JAK is a unique and gifted artist. The worlds she creates in her stories, artwork and animations takes our imagination to places we have long forgotten. How many people do you know have original visionary ideas that are socially responsible and fun to enjoy?”
Akiko Ashley, Partner, Luminetik Animation Studio


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