Writing Services

Need Help Organizing Your New Book?

Often authors can feel over-whelmed at the beginning of a writing project. The sheer amount of information or the ideas generated for a novel can hold back progress, and without a good organizational road map projects take much longer. I can help coach you through this process. I have direct experience coaching new authors. References available. (see below)

For a free consultation email me here: thewritersalchemy@gmail.com

Ghostwriter & Proposals

If you have a compelling story idea or experience but find writing difficult, I can create your book for you. Writing for hire means that you retain the copyright and own the book entirely. My services include writing for creative non-fiction, narrative non-fiction and fiction, all genres considered. I am also adept in crafting powerful proposals to help sell your manuscript to agents and editors.


Have a draft for a book or screenplay but need some polish? I can edit your manuscript to get it up to a publishing standard.


If your story needs to adhere to classical plot construction or if it lacks a basic internal structure – I can help craft your book into a compelling acquisition.

Content writer

Have you just started a new blog or launched a brand and need a long-term strategic plan for market engagement? I can help get your business on track for success. I provide copy content for blogs and websites and for social media. My website copy services include populating a company’s hub with dynamic and pertinent information. I also provide original articles, opinion pieces and essays, and reviews: shows, art galleries, plays, services and products.

Brand and Platform development

New author – no followers? I can help you to build a platform that spreads your influence over social media. Need help developing your niche? I have over 12-years direct experience promoting brands. In partnership with Tom Litchfield I will develop a PR strategy for you.

Terms & Conditions

Fees vary per service and project, email for specifics

Payment via Pay Pal, a 3% Pay Pal processing charge applies

A retainer applies to all projects


Client References

“Jacalyn took my draft of a novel and transformed it into a compelling horror thriller. She conducted independent research to validate the historical basis of my book. The suggestions that she made helped me to shape my first novel into a vehicle of success. I will continue to work with her through-out my career as an author.”


“I have worked with and known many coaches over the years. Starting with high school and then all the way up to professional sports, fitness and career coaches over the last 40 years, I have been instructed and guided by some of the best in their respective fields. It takes tremendous discipline, vision, organizational skills, experience and patience to be a good coach, let alone a great one.

Ms. Burke has all of those attributes and more. I have been working with her for the last 4 months and she has completely re-engineered my process and perspective on not only writing and finishing my book, but also how I approach my life and career work. She saw the entire framework and structure of my book almost instantly, the first time I spoke to her and explained what my topic was.

The very first conversation it seemed like we had been speaking for months. She knew exactly what I wanted to do. She brings a 6th sense to the entire coaching experience. She sees the current project (book, business, website, etc.) as a powerful extension of every facet of the individual she works with. Therefore she knows that coaching the project is really leveraging every skill within the individual, literally finding qualities and experiences within her clients that they often did not know existed. Great coaches understand much more than just their specific sport.

One of the greatest coaches of all time said once “Coaches who can outline plays on a chalk board are a dime a dozen. The ones who win get inside their players and motivate” (Lombardi). This is what Ms. Burke does, this is the difference between good and great. She understands who you are and finds those traits inside of you that are the foundation of your desire and she builds on these strengths. She knows what drives her clients and this is where all the success comes from.”


“I love the passion, sincerity and professionalism that Jacalyn brings forth whenever we meet to talk about my project. She is really my cheer leader and I love that she gets how passionate I am about my story. The first meeting with her was so inspiring to me. Not only was she observant and a good listener but she immediately understood my language and knew right away what message I wanted to communicate to my audience. At that moment I knew we had to work together to bring my story to life. Jacalyn is such a blessing. It was so easy to connect with her and to trust her because she cared about my story. I am so excited to move forward and ultimately see how she will turn my story into this amazing book I have been dreaming about for years.”


“Jacalyn Burke was very response to queries and met deadlines when I edited her book, The Nanny Time Bomb, for Praeger, which was based on original research. She is a pleasure to work with.”


Writing samples

To view writing samples please email me at: thewritersalchemy@gmail.com


Enfield College, (UK) Morris School of Journalism, (UK), TTI School of English, Diploma, teaching English as a second language (UK), Middlesex University Bachelor’s of Arts, English language, Literature and History, (UK), School of Visual Arts (US)

UK press & publication credits

DNA magazine, Society magazine, The Journal of Silly, Anchor Books, Random House

US press & publication credits

Hifructose magazine, The Daily News, CBS News, NEXT Magazine, Metro Mix, Art For Progress, Urban Art Magazine

Scholastic references

“In light of my teaching Jacalyn at Middlesex University, she certainly has a very deserving case because the work she did for me showed an admirable tenacity in pursuing her research and an excellent ability to express her ideas clearly”.
Dr. John Hope-Mason, Princeton NJ
“Jacalyn was a model student – highly motivated and committed to her studies, punctilious in her attention to submission deadlines and attendance as well as a lively contributor to seminar discussions. Her intellectual interests are wide-ranging and this was reflected in the substance of her essays which showed evidence of a capacity for original thought as well as the ability to benefit from applied research techniques.”
Dr. J. N Worrall – Principal Director of English and Drama, Middlesex University, UK
“Ms Burke is known to me through several interviews I had with her when she was engaged in research for a children’s book based on Victorian London. I found her to be a scholar especially in her research capabilities of the first rank and I strongly recommend her for any future publications.
Dr William J Fishman, Professor and author, St Mary’s College, UK

Peer reviews

“Jacalyn Burke is an innovative thinker who demonstrates prolific creativity. She has a wonderful business acumen combined with a great sense of integrity and sincere passion for her endeavors.”
Kate Fitzgerald, Strategic Partnership Consultant
“Jacalyn is a writer at the cutting edge of her craft, with the networking skills and contacts to see projects through to the end. A drive like few others I have encountered, Jacalyn maintains a remarkable energy and passion for her craft, and is an influential force to those fortunate enough to work with her.”
Ross Larkin, Journalist and Entertainment Publicist