Me …

London born entrepreneur, creative and author, Jacalyn S. Burke arrived in NYC in 2002 with a tourist visa and a dream. Fourteen years later she had become an American citizen.

During this time Jacalyn worked as a Manhattan nanny to fund her immigration process. She wrote a book about her experiences. “The Nanny Time Bomb” is an expose on the unlicensed world of childcare, as well as a guide to finding the best caregiver. The book would be reviewed in the New York Times and other news outlets.

In 2007 Jacalyn founded “Baby Does NYC”, a platform dedicated to first-time parents of infants 0-24m, (sold 2020). Jacalyn also spent a year as a literary agent meeting with editors at the Top 5 Publishing Houses in NYC.

Meeting for coffee in the City, Jacalyn listened to what the editors wanted and she now uses that information to help new authors pinpoint their target audience and market directly to them.

Today, Jacalyn utilizes all of her experiences as a business owner and skill-sets as an agent and editor and focuses them on promoting new authors and their platforms.

My Mission

“The world needs more voices, narratives and stories. Why not yours? I want to help you achieve your wildest dreams.”