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Course Overview

Difficulty: Intermediate
August 1 – September 15
Mondays @ 6-8pm

Course Overview


The Writer’s Alchemy is a process of uncovering – peeling away the layers of what holds us back until we reach the point of career singularity. Singularity is ultimately a journey towards abundance because abundance equals choice, autonomy and sovereignty.

Through my program, new writers will learn: (infographic) can you create from the photo I sent?

  1. The Basics

  • Who will buy your book? (Identifying your buying crowd.)

  • How to create a compelling logo.

  • Creating content platforms.

  • Creating content.

  • What is your network?

  • Creating a following.

  1. Intermediary

  • Why do you want to sell? (Product = book)

  • Product development.


  • Who are you?

  • Are you celeb material?

  • Getting out of your own way.

  • Success looks likes, acts like – this

This curriculum is not linear. Each component interlocks and works in conjunction with another, like a solar system. Movement becomes spontaneous and synchronistic.

Podcast and video broadcasts enhance the program, and what we are aiming for is significant change within ourselves, as well as externally. In other words – we embody success. It will be success in our flavor.

This program is currently in development. To be notified when it becomes available, sign up here: mailchimp.

This modality will be taught through pre-recorded, on-line classes, some live online events, and will be available by application.


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