Jacalyn Burke is a gripping, dynamic and thought provoking writer. Her knowledge of her field is unparalleled, and she brings an unyielding compassion to the way she sees the world. She also writes from the heart, from a sense of connection and humanity, so that her words are never simply for herself, but always aiming to pull us closer together. In an ever more divisive time, her skills are a curative.”

– Todd Komarnicki, Writer, Producer: Sully; Writer, Elf

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About Jacalyn S. Burke

Born in London, educated in Wales, and now based out of SW France, Jacalyn S. Burke is a multi-genre writer. Her fiction works are imaginative, populated with characters drawn from over 30 years working in diverse industries and environments. 

From leafy London, to the wilderness of northern Anglesey, to Manhattan working as a nanny for the city’s 1% elite, to self-sponsoring citizenship as an artist of extraordinary ability, to running a NYC tech start-up, to a year as a literary agent – Jacalyn  brings a rare and varied appreciation for the human experience.

Current fiction manuscripts include The Custodians (4-book series) and Wall St. Diva (2-book series). Jacalyn also coaches writers, helping them to hone their craft and navigate the publishing industry.