The Custodians

V Martinez, a retired grandmother living in rural SW France, had a vivid imagination and loved nothing better than terrifying her grandchildren with scary stories. As the grandchildren grew so did the stories. But one story stuck. It spoke about monsters that lived in underground tunnels who hunted humans in the region’s thick forests. 

This story haunted V Martinez’s daughter, Jacalyn S. Burke, who on a whim began to research her mother’s ideas connecting them to key historical facts about the region.  The Custodians 4-book series is the result. It takes us on a thrilling adventure, spanning several time periods, tapping into our collective fears around monsters, Nazis, and being in the wrong place at the wrong time. If those are your fears, this series is for you. 

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Book 1 (4-book series)

Sets up the story, main characters and provides the readers with context. A small rural town in SW France is home to a secret society, its members are of an ancient bloodline. The group is called The Custodians. They guard a secret dating back to World War II, during the town’s Nazi occupation. Two British tourists (Tom and Catherine Grayston) unwittingly stumble upon the conspiracy while on vacation. When the couple’s disappearance is investigated by a Scotland Yard forensics expert (David Frankel), The Custodians are forced to take lethal action. What is the underground secret that they guard? And why does its protection involve diabolical acts?

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