Wall St Diva

Based on real events, Wall Street Diva is set in the ‘90’s world of hot stocks and sick greed. The book is a sizzling, fast-paced rom-drama about a woman who stampedes an Eat Trade Love through the stock exchange. 

Privileged Katie Delaney earns her stripes in New York, London and Asia training in foreign markets under the tutelage of a ruthless female trader who pursues her romantically. Love comes in the guise of a charming English aristocrat, but Katie repeatedly sabotages this relationship (and others) because of a persistent liaison with a wolf on Wall Street.

After her team comes under investigation for rogue trading, Katie narrowly escapes prosecution. She returns to New York, to a new millennium, in time for Y2k and the dot.com bubble.

It’s a roller-coaster 19-months of taboo love, boom and bust that nose dives into 9-11, when Katie’s world gets torn apart. In a dark twist in fortunes, a family secret exposes her to an old enemy, someone determined to take her down, once and for all.

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