The Nanny Time Bomb

The Nanny Time Bomb is the most accurate and comprehensive analysis of modern child care. It offers case studies and practical advice to help parents make the most educated, well-informed decision when choosing a nanny for their child.

The book takes the reader through various types of nannies―from graduates to undocumented workers―thus allowing parents to see how the industry has evolved far past schoolgirl babysitters.

Setting itself apart, Jacalyn S. Burke’s exploration of the different types of nannies offers a new perspective on child care not only for parents but also for those interested in larger sociological trends. This book gives a voice to the often-unheard grievances of nannies, showing why they may up and leave or not give their all.

The author’s examination of current cultural and social trends are also extremely useful for a wider readership beyond parents. It explores Race, Gender and Class offering a window into often cloistered worlds.

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New York Times Review

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“…thinking in financial terms when it comes to parental choices could make a difference in shaping children who grow up to live meaningful lives — regardless of whether any money comes to them.”

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